ECO FOOD WRAP by Gaile & Phil

An eco friendly alternative to cling film or foil

Our Eco-friendly food wraps are handmade using 100% cotton and beeswax, helping the environment and keeping your food fresh.

Eco Food Wrap Products

Why eco food wrap?



REUSABLE (approx 12 months)


At the moment we are unable to attend our local shows and see you all! However, we are still busy Bees locked in our hive producing Eco Foodwrap and processing online orders. Please order via the website in the meantime or use the ‘contact us’ button and we hope to be able to see you soon! 

Great to do away with cling film.
Hazel Stenhouse
Always looking at ways to reduce plastic, and this is a beautiful way to do it! They also make fantastic gifts.
Sally Curd
What a beautiful way to reduce plastic wrap. My children want to know why I’ve left gifts in the fridge!!
Nicky Reader
So glad I stumbled upon your craft stall. Your food wraps are beautiful, sustainable and make perfect gifts. Thank you!
Tanya Goodman Bailey
I have never been able to keep ”bagged” salad fresh until Gaile introduced me to Eco Food Wrap! I love it!
Lorna Osborn

Eco Foodwrap is a natural product made from 100% cotton and beeswax. It is a re-useable, eco-friendly food wrap which is handmade by busy Bees, Gaile & Philip Utting.

It is suitable for wrapping and helping preserve a number of different foods such as vegetables, cheeses, breads and cakes and is an eco-friendly alternative to other food wraps such as cling film and tin foil, saving you money and helping the environment. It can even increase the length of time your food stays fresh compared to cling film or foil wraps. It is easy to clean and re-use and available in a variety of sizes and designs making it perfect for childrens lunch boxes, picnics or storing food at home.

What makes our product different is that the majority of the cotton used is remnants from a local bespoke shirt-maker. This reduces our carbon footprint and makes Eco Foodwrap even more environmentally friendly.