13 Ways to Use Eco Food Wraps

Looking at ways of becoming more sustainable and getting more use from eco-friendly beeswax wraps?

These flexible, reusable wraps can be used for so many purposes, many more than you might realise! With beeswax wraps, you can get many, many more times the use than more wasteful clingfilm and tinfoil solutions.

  1. Cover bowls & dishes – Bowls and dishes of almost any size can be covered with beeswax wraps, from leftovers to prepared veg.
  2. Cover jugs of sauce – Made too much cheese sauce, bread sauce, any kind of sauce? Don’t throw it out! Give your jug a wipe around the edge and firmly cover with your wrap to keep it fresher for longer.
  3. Cover the tops of mason jars – Lost the lid? No problem, beeswax wraps can be used to cover jars of any size for a water-tight seal.
  4. Cover bread Large beeswax wraps can completely cover whole loaves, lock in moisture and slow the “drying out” process. You could even take your wrap to the bakery to wrap fresh loaves, buns, pastries and other goodies – particularly if they use plastic.
  5. Wrap fruit and veg ends perfectly – Saving half a lemon, carrott, apple, avocado, cucumber or any other fruit or veg? Plastic wraps don’t give a great seal all the time, but the flexibility of beeswax wraps means that they do. It’s also much safer for acidic foods than using tin-foil for instance (which can leach metals into the food).
  6. Wrap sandwiches – It’s super easy and hygienic (for most sandwiches) to wrap and transport prepared sandwiches for packed lunches at work, school, out on a picnic etc.. It will hold a lot better and more compact than clingfilm too!
  7. Cover cheese – Beeswax wraps are great for storing blocks of cheese and their breathable qualities helps to reduce sweating caused by covering with plastic. Store your cheese fresher for longer!
  8. Cover salad and herbs – Plastic bags can leave you with wet and sweaty herbs and salad. Fold large wraps into pouches and makeshift bags to keep your greens fresher.
  9. Fold into a bowl – Need a container for grapes, loose tomatoes or nuts? Practice your folding skills and create a handy storage bowl or box.
  10. Fold into a snack pouch – A handy way to store and transport a little pick-me-up snack.
  11. Open troublesome jars – We’ve all been there, no matter how hard you try some jars lids just don’t want to come off, even dishcloths don’t always provide the perfect solution. Eco food-wraps are very tacky and pliable and can be the answer to your prayers!
  12. Roll into a straw – The water-tight properties of reusable wraps mean that they can be used as an alternative to plastic straws, and they’re cleanable too. A small wrap is best for this, which you can bend into a straw-like shape.
  13. Cover the tops of bottles – Wraps can be used to seal carafes without a cap, wine bottles etc.. particularly if you’re dining outside.

What other uses can you find for reusable beeswax wraps? The possibilities are almost endless, the only limit is your imagination. Just make sure you don’t cover any raw fish or meat.

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