Single Large Wrap


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Large Reusable Wrap (pack of 1)

This wrap is the ideal size to preserve a variety of food items such as, bread, cake or a liner for the vegetable/salad tray.  An ideal size for 2lb bread loaves.
Sizes: 450mm x 300mm (18″ x 12″)

Step 1

Place your food wrap in the bottom of your vegetable/salad tray i.e. the tray from your fridge.

Step 2

Place your salad or vegetables on top of your wrap.

Step 3

Your food will now stay fresher for longer!

"Nice gift idea for the eco minded"

"Sustainable and easy to use"

"Great cling film substitute"

"Wow, my food stayed fresh for so long"

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Feed the bees, Yellow Honeycomb, White Honeycomb, Meadow, Ivory, Pale Blue